Company culture

Passion for innovation

Maximize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and become the master of enterprise innovation and development. And through conceptual innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, we will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and become a leading enterprise in the development of the industry.


Be diligent

Advocate employees to have a tenacious and enterprising spirit, strive for excellence in their work, and be brave to take responsibility. Persist in fairness and justice, strive to be an active participant in market competition and a firm maintainer of market order, and realize responsibilities and contributions to society, the country, and the earth.



Integration and sharing

Actively create a good atmosphere for the company and employees to grow together, advance and retreat together, and reflect the life value of each employee in the development of the company; and carry out strong cooperation in market competition, through industry-industry, industry-finance, industry-university-research collaboration, Achieve complementary resources and achieve a win-win situation.