After-sales service

General fault maintenance and remote fault diagnosis

After receiving the user’s service request, it will judge the user’s fault and analyze the problem, and assist in solving the problem. When the telephone support service cannot solve the problem of equipment failure, or while carrying out telephone technical support, remote support services will be implemented as needed and after obtaining the user’s consent.

Support and supply guarantee for the purchase of spare parts

There is a general warehouse of spare parts and a technical support center to respond to Party A’s spare parts service requests in a timely manner. The center can provide comprehensive spare parts support services including hardware replacement, spare parts distribution, software upgrades, etc.

Equipment maintenance service and other necessary technical services

During the warranty period, if there is a problem with the correct use of the equipment, we are responsible for free replacement of the defective equipment and software. If the equipment is damaged due to irresistible reasons such as fire, flood, magnetization, strong lightning, strong electricity, riots, man-made damage, etc., we are responsible for paid repairs, and users only bear the cost of repair materials. After the warranty period expires, we promise to continue to provide repair and maintenance for the equipment, and the user bears the corresponding cost. If you have any questions about the use of your equipment, please feel free to contact our support center, and we will promptly arrange relevant personnel to assist you. Your satisfaction with products and services is SPETEK’s long-term pursuit.